Zimbabwe Youth Development Foundation Trust

We’re the Zimbabwe Youth Development Foundation Trust (ZYDFT), a not-for-profit organization that envisions a better future for Zimbabwe’s youth by providing them with a higher standard of educational resources.

In Zimbabwe’s marginalized rural areas, literacy rates are low and students have limited access to computers and books. In response, the ZYDFT is working towards the creation of educational resource centres where young people can develop the computer and reading skills they need for a better future.

Empowerment through education

Education in Zimbabwe has been hampered by 10 years of economic and social turmoil. In Chirumanzu, a rural area outside Zimbabwe’s capital of Harare, a survey found that 40 primary and secondary schools operated with little to no learning resources or computer courses. The student-to-book ratio averaged 1 book per 36 students – meaning entire classes were sharing a single book. And computer literacy was just 2%.

The ZYDFT wants to improve these statistics by introducing educational resource centres within Chirumanzu. The centres will be multifaceted community libraries, consisting of a conventional book library and a place to learn and use computers.

The centres will be administered by the trust, along with members of the local community. The aim is to locate each resource centre close to at least four schools to maximize the potential for students to benefit.

The ZYDFT is also spearheading a student scholarship program for less privileged primary school students.

Get involved!

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